Virtual Journal


At the start of our fellowship year, none of us would have claimed to know exactly what the year had in store—but we had guesses, as well as stories from the previous cohort to inform our own expectations. It’s probably safe to say nobody predicted that a global pandemic would be a significant part of our experience. 

In spite of COVID-19, though, the past year was filled with professional growth, personal breakthroughs, and meaningful connections. Our cohort has pulled together this collection of journal entries to share some of the most memorable moments we’ve had as Impact Fellows. 

No doubt your fellowship year will look much different from ours, and each of your individual experiences will differ from each other’s, but we hope that our stories can offer at least a little inspiration and reassurance. Whatever the rest of 2020—and 2021—throws at you, we’re pretty confident you have a lot to look forward to. 


2019-2020 Impact Fellows


Anthony Alexander

Read Anthony’s Journal Entry here.

Carter Edge

Read Carter’s Journal Entry here.

Cristin Dolan

Read Cristin’s Journal Entry here.

Dallin Evans

Read Dallin’s Journal Entry here.

Danielle Goodman

Read Danielle’s Journal Entry here.

Graeson Baker

Read Graeson’s Journal Entry here.

Max Shipman

Read Max’s Journal Entry here.

Sam Muller

Read Sam’s Journal entry here, and check out a picture from the New River Gorge trip Sam wrote about here.

Sarah Bostic

Read Sarah’s Journal Entry here.