Virtual Interview Day

Welcome to the Virtual Interview Day Room! Here you will find all of the details you need to know for the day.

Please watch the following videos prior to your interview(s) and debriefing sessions:

Generation WV’s Executive Director Natalie Roper: Kick-off to Interview Day

Generation WV’s Impact Fellowship Director Amy Fauber: Welcome

West Virginia Promotional Video: Since we couldn’t physically show off what all West Virginia has to offer and why you should want to move (or stay) here, we reached out and sourced clips from our friends and neighbors to create a video of some of the things we love most about living here. We know watching the video isn’t the same as experiencing it, but if you move here, you could do just that! 🙂

Interviews with Employers

  • Make sure you have accepted and saved the invitation to your virtual interview as it contains the link to get you there when the time comes. Each of these links are unique, so if you have multiple interviews, make sure you have multiple invitations.
  • Be sure you understand how to get into this virtual space and that your microphone and camera are working.
  • Be yourself! I have spent just as much time talking to the Employers as I have with you, so you can trust me when I say that the Employers are excited to meet you!

Debriefs with Generation WV

  • The debriefs will contain several more people than your interview(s). Please make sure you mute your microphone when you aren’t talking to avoid interruptions when someone else is.
  • These sessions are meant to be very casual and conversational. However, we ask that you consider a few things ahead of time since we have limited time slots with you:
    • What drew you to the Fellowship?
    • What questions do you have about the Fellowship program itself?
    • What questions do you have for our current Fellows? (There will be at least one in each session – perhaps even one who works for one of the Employers you might be interviewing with.)
    • What questions you have about West Virginia?
    • While we might not get to everyone’s questions in the 30 minutes we have, we hope this is a chance to make some connections with our team and fellows. You should feel free to make follow-up contacts from there!

Should you encounter any issues with the Internet, your Google invite contains a personalized phone number you can use to call into your meeting. You can find this right below where it says “Join by phone.” I recommend taking a screenshot of this ahead of time in case something happens to cause a disconnection. Please also remember that Chelsea will be available all day if you encounter any technical issues. Email her right away ( and she will assist you however she can.

We thank you for your flexibility, your dedication, and your participation. Good luck! You’re going to be amazing!