Host Employers

The Impact Fellowship seeks ambitious, innovative individuals who are committed to dedicating their talents to moving the state of West Virginia forward. Each year, we recruit more individuals to join us in this cause. As an Impact Fellowship Host Employer, you’ll employ one of our Fellows for one program year and play an essential role in our commitment to impacting West Virginia. Together, we can make a difference!


Expanded talent pipeline

Generation WV has developed an unmatched talent pipeline that Host Employers gain access to. The requirements of the program tend to attract dedicated leaders, committed to hardwork and creative thinking – in other words, great employees!

Access to top applicant pool without managing recruitment

Generation WV fully coordinates talent recruitment including managing the application process, program promotion, application vetting, and travel accommodations for Interview Day.

New community partnerships and exposure

Host Employers receive weekly exposure in their community through the Fellow’s Friday service days. Volunteer Fridays are a way for Fellows to show their commitment to the betterment of West Virginia and, by allowing your Fellow(s) to take part in these, you are showing your commitment, as well.

National and statewide company promotion

Host Employers are promoted in all materials as an Impact Fellowship Host Employer that is an innovative, forward-thinking business dedicated to the retention of young people and the future of West Virginia.

Responsive professional development

Generation WV provides responsive professional development and mentoring for Impact Fellows to ensure growth and skills development over the year.

Added fresh, innovative perspective

Host Employers benefit from the fresh perspective, expertise, and young energy that the Impact Fellow offers.


Generation WV facilitates opportunities for Impact Fellows to connect with leaders in service, local policy makers, other Host Employers, and other Generation WV partners through the local generations and retreats. This helps Impact Fellows feel connected and supported. This network paired with these connections is ultimately why most Fellows are retained in West Virginia after the conclusion of the Fellowship.


Host Employers agree to:

  • Hire their Impact Fellow(s) at a minimum annual compensation  of $31,000 and provide employee benefits or a stipend for benefits;
  • Permit Impact Fellows to be out of the office on Fridays for the duration of the Fellowship year to complete volunteer projects in their communities and attend quarterly retreats with their Impact Fellow cohort across the state;
  • Provide a direct supervisor to the Fellow, who will serve as a contact person for Generation WV;
  • Determine appropriate positions, job description(s), work plan and team placement within the company for the year;
  • Value and recognize the importance of investing in the next generation of West Virginia’s workforce; and
  • Provide a program fee paid to Generation WV to support recruitment and professional development costs. If you are an employer with less than 60 employees or a nonprofit organization, the program fee is $3,000. If you are an employer with 60 or more employees, the program fee is $6,000.

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