Position Summary

Core10 – Software Development Instructor

Core10 is a 100%-U.S.-based software development company that creates financial technology solutions for the banking, healthcare, insurance, and retail verticals, among others. Its dedicated Tennessee- and West Virginia–based talent provides world-class outsourced design and development expertise at a value without any of the headaches associated with offshoring.

Core10 is partnering with Nashville Software School and in-state partners to deliver software development training in a 6-month intensive format. We are seeking a Software Development Instructor who can work with us to refine curriculum and serve as an instructor.

As a Software Development Instructor at Core10, a typical day might include the following:

  • Sharing coding concepts with students and live coding to support their understanding.
  • Working with students on individual and group projects when questions arise
  • Demonstrating how to work effectively in an agile team structure
  • Helping students learn to think and solve problems like a software developer
  • Helping students identify the ways they most effectively learn coding concepts
  • Helping students work effectively in a team environment

This job might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are passionate about the craft of software development and sharing it with others
  • You’re a natural storyteller and can weave together concepts so that they make sense as part of a larger whole
  • You’re empathetic and can put yourself in another person’s shoes, especially a learner who may be seeing something for the first time
  • You’re a creative problem solver and lifelong learner who takes pride in the quality of your craft.
  • You bring passionate energy to everything you do. You embrace risks confidently, and you don’t shy away from uncertainty.
  • You’re willing to grind to get the job done. You go the extra mile, and when you embark on something, you set out to crush it.
  • You’re collaborative and comfortable working in a “we before me” team-based model. You’re willing to stimulate and challenge others to be the best they can be, and you expect they’ll do the same for you.
  • You always treat your clients and teammates with respect.
  • You bring your authentic self.

To land this gig, you need to have:

  • A true desire to work as part of a collaborative team
  • Organizational skills
  • The ability to hold others accountable in a kind but firm way
  • A natural gift for teaching