Position Summary

Buzz Food Service – Local Food Facilitator

Buzz Food Service is a family-owned specialty meat company serving restaurants, country clubs, hotels and resort properties as a wholesale distributor of high-end meat, seafood and gourmet sundries.  Serving WV and surrounding states, Buzz has earned a reputation in the culinary community as the supplier of highest quality proteins and a trusted source of knowledge and advice useful to restaurant operators.  An ImpactWV Fellow will have the opportunity to help this established distribution business better engage local agricultural producers, strengthen community access particularly to locally-raised meats and generally strengthen the entire local food economy.

As a Local Food Facilitator at Buzz, a typical day might include the following:

  • Meeting and working with many stakeholders in the local food economy to identify opportunities and increase efficiencies that benefit growers/producers, end users, and all parties in between. External stakeholders will include non-profit partners, government agencies, professional service providers and many more.
  • Communicating with Buzz sales and logistics professionals and, in some cases, chefs and restaurant owners regarding availability of fresh, locally sourced meat and produce items.
  • Coordinating small group meetings and occasionally larger events that connect agricultural producers with Buzz customers for both selling and relationship-building opportunities. Events could range from small, personal product samplings to customer farm tours to a farm-to-table dinner series.

This job might be a good fit for you if:

  • You have a passion for food and want to understand and influence where it comes from as well as why and how.
  • You like the idea of one day in an office, the next day on a farm, the next day in a meat-processing room, the next day on a field trip, the next day in a customer’s kitchen, etc. etc. No two weeks will be the same, guaranteed.  Not a great role for those who are most comfortable in a routine.
  • You are a source of creative ideas, related to any part of a small business.
  • You are polite, friendly, professional and interested in meeting people from all walks of life. Experiences will range from barns to boardrooms.
  • You understand and appreciate the value of story-telling.
  • You are able to ‘think big’ and strategic, but still ‘work small’ on the details and follow-up that are required to make any project successful.

To land this gig, you need to have experience in:

No specific experience is required.  Experience with the following areas would be considered positives:

  • Food service. Any work in a commercial kitchen, even front of the house.
  • Any exposure to farm production, livestock or crops.
  • Graphic design. Ability to create attractive marketing materials, build a simple web site, produce eye-catching invitations, etc.
  • Advertising, Marketing & Branding.
  • Culinary training. Experience with food applications, flavors and cooking techniques.
  • Accounting or Bookkeeping. Again, not necessary, but could be helpful experience in the right candidate.
  • While not a sales position, an understanding of good salesmanship and client service is always valuable and appreciated.